IC = Interstitial Cystitis

IC = Interstitial Cystitis

I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis in October 2012. For over a year, every bout of cystitis came with a negative test for infection. Next the possibility that I had overactive bladder but after the medication didn’t work I was sent off for a rigid cytoscopy and hydrodistention. Diagnosis – interstitial cystitis (which is a nightmare to type so from here on in it will be IC before I break the delete key!)

Anybody who has had a bout of bacterial cystitis will know how painful and how inconvenient it can be. With IC there is no infection, the bladder is inflamed and at risk of ulcers as the bladder’s protective lining is broken.

Urine is an irritating fluid which can be acidic and contain compounds that are irrtants, including break down products from metabolising the food we eat. Therefore, there are a number of foods that are consistently reported to be problematic and loads of others with big question marks by them.  I have limited some foods to see if I can manage my symptoms through changing what I eat – I have an advantage as a nutritionist.

It is important to say that this is reporting of my own situation and not specific professional advice for fellow sufferers. What works for me will not work for someone else. I will be guided by my professional knowledge – keeping my diet balanced and ensure that I am eating well (not just nutritionally but also enjoying my food and that cooking and eating fit in with my family life). I hope that fellow sufferers might be able to use the information I find and my strategies for working out what affects me useful.

I also want to use the blog to keep useful or interesting web-links, investigate other treatments and consider other strategies that may help manage the condition which has become quite challenging, making simple things like travel stressful (for someone that has travelled around the world twice with her life in a backpack this is quite a trauma!!)

I found it quite hard to discuss everything with my consultant so I hope that others will be helped to better able to ask the right questions and make the most of their care team.


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